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The long-term objective of the NEWFELPRO is to raise the presence of research-qualified individuals by providing them with new opportunities to gain relevant international experience, and thus contribute to the further development of international scientific networks.
NEWFELPRO allows applicants to freely apply within any scientific area of their choice and fellows/grants are assigned only on the basis of excellence and quality of research projects. Fellows shall sign an employment contract in accordance with national regulations and their engagement shall also be in line with the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct. Host institution will be responsible for committing a stimulating environment and adequate infrastructure, equipment and consumables required to implement the project.
NEWFELPRO beneficiaries will also have an opportunity to attend different workshops on topics such as technology transfer, commercialisation of scientific and professional research results and entrepreneurship.
Technology Transfer Office (TTO) of the University of Zagreb ( organizes wide range of educational workshops on intellectual property rights and technology transfer, entrepreneurial skills and writing project proposals. For NEWFELPRO beneficiaries one-day and two-day workshops on how to transform research results and knowledge into useful products, services or processes (workshop “From Knowledge to Innovation”), and on starting business based on knowledge and new technologies (workshop “Enterprise based on science and technology”) can be singled out. Workshops can be design to suit smaller or larger number of attendees, and they will be conducted in English or Croatian language, depending on lecturers.
Science and Technology Park (STeP Ri), University of Rijeka doo.  ( is established having in mind the aims of commercialisation of scientific and professional research results, of giving impetus to collaboration of scientists and entrepreneurs, and of strengthening of science-based economy. STeP Ri is a partner of Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), and has a support of the Business Innovation Croatian Agency (BICRO), and it is taking part in entrepreneurial support network of Croatia. NEWFELPRO beneficiaries might find the following workshops interesting: effective ways of building a strategic plan (“Strategy on A4”), building new business models (“Innovation of business model”), creating new and improving the existing products and services (“Outcome Driven Innovation”), analysing processes of buying/selling and raising sale levels (“Selling Solutions”), acquiring insight into processes of access to building new business organization or changing the existing ones (“Business Organization and Huamn Resources Management).

Croatian Universities are organizing workshops for Transferable Skills Development on a regular basis. This opportunity will be available at all Croatian universities, if possible.