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Call: NEWFELPRO Science with and for Citizen and Society

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 Call: NEWFELPRO Science with and for Citizen and Society
-Poster Presentation- 

Ministry of Science and Education is announcing a call for the best “NEWFELPRO Science with and for Citizen and Society” poster presentation of fellows and their projects.

Objectives of the call, guidelines for application and other relevant information for applicants can be found in the text below. Moreover, any questions regarding the Call can be sent to NEWFELPRO e-mail address (


Progress of civilization is the basic evidence of the importance science bears on humans. Quality of our everyday life, things we take for granted, has been achieved on shoulders of science discoveries in all areas. Science, research and innovation has been recognized by the European Union as a vehicle of further economical and societal progress and it is crucial for it to be recognized as such in the society as a whole, on day to day basis. Moreover, it is important to establish and recognize the public area “in” and “for” science with a demonstrable effects science has on society. One of the greatest outputs of that kind of thinking will be creating public awareness of the importance of science which will surely lead to a more “participating society” and luckily more public and private investment in science.

The above mentioned corresponds to EU initiatives that support popularization of science by connecting science and the wider public. Furthermore, “LAB-FAB APP – Investing in the European future we want” (Report of the independent High Level Group on maximizing the impact of EU Research and Innovation Programmes) gives recommendations for future policy-making in area of science, research and innovations and one of them is to invest in people who will make change, mobilise and involve citizens and capture and better communicate impact. Those three objectives will be in the focal point of this call.

Guidelines for applicants

As noted, the call is focused on mobilising and involving the citizens in science and capturing the impact of research and innovation for society. Horizontal theme of this call is a positive change and/or shifts that science brings to human lives.
Accordingly, poster of your NEWFELPRO project needs to present a short explanation of the project using a discourse that a non-scientist can understand while also showing how you managed to incorporate the following:
  1. Involvement of the non-scientist public in your research in terms of presenting projects or/and results to wider public through:
    1. popularization of science activities
    2. media
    3. working with non-scientist community throughout the implementation of the project  
  2. Please capture impact and societal change in your NEWFELPRO project poster. Here is a table of 6 pillars of impact and 3 cross cutting themes:
Creating new products, processes, policies or behaviour
Improving efficiency and efficacy of existing practice
Research to improve resilience or sustainability
Furthermore, poster must have a NEWFELPRO disclaimer[1] and logos of MSE, EC, FP7 and MSCA (in that order).

Technical aspects

All NEWFELPRO fellows are eligible applicants.

The Call for delivery of posters will be open from November 15th to November 29th 2017 (16:00h CEST).

Poster of your NEWFELPRO project has to be sent as an attachment of an e-mail in .jpg or .pdf format to the official NEWFELPRO e-mail address ( with the e-mail subject: NEWFELPRO Sw&fCS call: Name and Surname_Acronym of the NEWFELPRO project.

After the completion of the Call, posters will be sent to NEWFELPRO Selection Committee which will decide on the best three posters.

Best poster will be awarded and will be present by the fellow at a media conference of the NEWFELPRO project in December this year which will be hosted by Croatian Minister for Science and Education, Professor Blaženka Divjak, PhD.

[1] "The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7 2007-2013) under grant agreement n° 291823 Marie Curie FP7-PEOPLE-2011-COFUND (The new International Fellowship Mobility Programme for Experienced Researchers in Croatia - NEWFELPRO). This [ presentation/article/etc ] has been [ written/prepared/etc. ] as a part of a project " [ title of the project (acronym of the project) ] " which has received funding through NEWFELPRO project under grant agreement n° [ no. of the particular GA ]."