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Monika Frania - Educating in Digital Era

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Monika Frania, picture taken from the website
Monika Frania came in September 2015 at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of University of Split as a NEWFELPRO fellow. During the following 12 months she has successfully implemented her project called The Role of Media and New Technologies in Teacher Education in the Digital Era - Selected Challenges in the Context of an Innovative Future (MaNTinEdu).

The project was focused on the diagnosis of the presence, usefulness and role of media and new technologies in the training of future teachers and educators. Based on the methods used in social studies project  aims to analyze and compare the media content and new technologies taught as part of university curricula as well as diagnose how media are used by future teachers during formal and informal education and evaluate their knowledge of threats in cyberspace. Final result will be practical guidance in area of teaching and learning.

As a project manager she participated at the following academic conferences and seminars:
Results of her project can be find in following papers:
After the completion of the project she plans to continue her work as a a scientist and an academic teacher at University of Silesia in Katowice. In the next three years she would like to complete the next required level on her academy path in Poland. She would like to continue her cooperation with Scientist in Charge from University in Split. She will search for some other opportunities to take part or to lead other projects in international cooperation. Her aim  is to conduct further reaserach in topics connected with media, education, media literacy, new technologies in teaching and learning. In 2017 she is planning to publish the book about blended learning, mobile learning and new media in education.