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NEWFELPRO's successful stories: Karmela Krleža Jerić and access to clinical trials data

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Karmela Krleža Jerić, one of NEWFELPRO's senior researchers in the reintegration scheme is currently implementing her two year long project „IMProving Access to Clinical Trials dana: observatory of   ongoing transition in clinical research regarding data sharing; opportunities and barriers (IMPACT)“ at the School of Medicine of University of Split. Ms. Krleža-Jerić, who holds a PhD in medicine lived in Canada from 1991. and worked as an adjunct professor at the University of Ottawa – Department of epidemiology and community health.
Her project is focused on sharing of clinical trial (CT) data. As current data sharing is insufficient, multiple initiatives have begun to explore possibilities for improvement. This has triggered a transition of clinical research regrading data sharing, which offers an ideal opportunity for natural experiment observatory.Hence, goal of the project is to set an observatory to study ongoing transition of clinical research to identify and analyse- tendencies of transition, roles and dynamics of different players, barriers, gaps and opportunities of opening CT data and making them available for further research and to invoke a change of culture regarding data sharing and research using existing data.
Results will be made publicly available to inform the transition process. The interactive presentation of her project can be seen here.

Throughout her project, Dr. Krleža Jerić participated in numerous conferences and workshops creating a strong and wide network of colleagues in this field. In 2014, she held a series of seminars at Ruđer Boskovic Institute, University of Oxford and University of Ottawa. She also participated in BioCADDIE worshop and a plenary meeting of sastanku Research data alliance (RDA). In addition, she presented at the Cochrane Symposium in Splitu, ELSI/HeLEX conference on translation in medicine in Oxford, at the Cochrane colloquium in Vienna, WAME conference and Research Waste/EQUATOR conference held in Edinburgh.
You can see some her interesting posters from these conferences on following links:
Cochrane colloqium 

Research Waste/EQUATOR conference

Plenary meeting of Research data alliance (RDA) 

WAME conference
Upon finishing her project, Dr. Krleža Jerić plans on staying in Croatia to continue working on further observatory development. Hence, she is searching for new collaborators along with a new fellowship/grant.